We are makers of custom challenge coins so many cheerish in the US military

Founder of Jewelry Designers Resource CenterWe had our beginnings in 1975 while studying at the museum of fine arts night school in Boston Mass. After his stint in the US military (Air Force) our founder Robert Amerault studied silver and gold smithing under a noted Massachusetts Paul Revere style silver smith Linda Priestly for several years.

This passion was forged at that point, and his first jewelry designs were of silver lapel pins and brooches. Robert has been deeply involved in the design and production of military jewelry for more than 35 years his contacts in this industry span the globe It is our sincere desire to assist you in finding the resources you need to create your jewelry designs.

Our enterprise is operated by veterans so our involvement in the design and production of US military jewelry comes from our desire for honoring veterans for their service. We proudly Sponsor the Garfield's Memorial Team House Association site to honor the fallen in Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines.

With a commitment to support the troops we work very hard at creating the highest quality US military challenge coins, commaders coins, lapel pins, awards and promotional products for our soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

The Navy, Marines, Army, Coast Guard, and Air Force all have Americas best serving we will do all within our ability to honor veterans from all military services. And we also are honored to give that same support to our local police and fire departments.

US military bases around the world use our coins as awards and trophies, for recognition, command changes and mission accomplishments. Although we are proud to support all those in military uniform we are particularly inspired and honored to create Support our SEALs pins.

They are used to show support of the Navy SEALs whom have been used as political pawns and charged with ridiculous things like striking a man who was a known terrorist during his capture. And will soon be available again to show support for Americas most elite military members.

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