Lapel Pins for the US military armed forces awards and collectables

Incredible variety and possibilities for the US military lapel pins

Military Lapel Pins Cloisonne, enamel, resin filled, soft enamel, or pewter, die struck or die cast styles

US military lapel pins have been collected since the civil war in the United States of America, the history of the US military lapel pins began when civil war military units became unable to identify each other during battle. These collar pins or lapel pins are the sole reason that military units were able to differentiate between the units in the battlefield.

Our art department helps us create new designs and sometimes historical reproduction of pins that are no longer available in any other way. Our reproductions and modern military lapel pins have been collected around the world. Many pin traders look for high quality lapel pins as a sign of collectivitie. Our pins are created with the finest materials and workmanship, we take extreme pride in creating the worlds best most collected lapel pins.

We offer many styles and types of pins. From our premium Cloisonne or Hard enamel, imitation hard enamel, resin filled, soft enamel, pewter, copper, brass, gold plated and so on.

As trading pins, club pins, or employee recognition awards. Lapel pins are a cost effective way to get and give reconition for achivement or longevity.

US military challenge coins for the armed forces

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