US Military Forces all use a custom coin as awards and trophies.

Custom CoinThe military tradition of challenge coins is now growing throughout the civilian world. The coin challenge has its beginnings in the battlefields of WWII. To receive a custom coin or personalized coins is an honor or recognition award. They are trophies treasured by all who receive them.

Now these coins are used as company awards for recognition and collected by many araound the world the challenge coin is the most popular collectors item from the military memorabilia craze.

Even the VFW and American Legion are using them, in fact almost every veterans organization has at least one challenge coin issued.

Coin ChallengeVeterans organizations, fire departments, police departments, Universities, Corporations, Athletic teams and clubs all have adopted the military challenge. They use these as awards and trophies even for service or achievements. They promote teamwork and solidarity amongst workers and cleintele as well.

For many years colletors have been creating collection of the military challenge coin and now with the rapid growth of the hobby of collecting, the coin display has taken on a larger meaning.

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