We create US military challenge coins for our men and women in uniform...We are veteran owned and operated...

US Flag Lapel Pins for the US military community

American Flag Pins

Super high quality American flag pins for the US military

Real enameled US Flag pins, these gold plated gems have two clutch pins on the back so they stay where you place them and do not rotate around like the other guys pins do. These old world real fired enamel pins are die struck in solid copper and then each color id fired on at about 800 degrees this creates a glass like substance that never fades or changes color, then the are polished and gold plated. They last a lifetime and become heirlooms.

Our flag pins are masterpieces of old world art and new world high tech mold making. The detail achieved is much greater with laser cut diemold for our die struck lapel pins. We also offer alternative finishes like soft enamel and imitation hard enamel which is actually an epoxy resin that is durable and has an unlimited color pallet.

If the need if for more cost effective lapel pins we can help you create one from a number of alternative methods and materials like photo etching, and printed lapel pins

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