We create US military challenge coins for our men and women in uniform...We are veteran owned...

3D commanders coins for the US military community

Gold Plated Challenge CoinsCommanders coins in the US military are used as a rememberance of a particular operation or achivement made by military units or individuals. This gold plated US Army coin from the Big Red 1 has a reversed lettering design around the edge on the backside, with a recessed backrground that is sand blasted with imitation hard enamel or a type of epoxy resin that is filled to the top of the recessed area creating a smooth rich look. Here also we have an example of a die struck coin with highly detailed front side Army logo design. This is too complex to cut into the die so instead a simplified version is made into the die and the details like the red hat are pad printed on after finishing is completed. Still a very durable finish even though portions are printed on to enhance the details.

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