3D Military Challenge coins for the US military community

3d challenge coins custom designed for the US military

3d designs are defined as coins with designs that are raised above the edge of the coin so when laid flat on a table they do not as the design keeps the edges of the challenge coin from touching. 3d challenge coins are very popular for antiqued finishes with no coloring. The US military feel that challenge or commanders coins make outstanding award and achievement recognition items.

Military units often create coins for operations they participated in or to remember a particular training school they have completed. Often military commanders give coins to outstanding soldiers to recognize the efforts, commitment and loyalty.

The US military collectable commanders coins

US Military Challenge Coin Die
Mold Negative

First we have a CNC negative die cut from soft iron, Then the die is flame heat hardened and placed into a 5 ton press.

Each coin is then struck in copper, bronze, or brass blanks creating the coin in positive.

Depending on finish and design requirements sand blasting of backgrounds can be done as well..

US Military Challenge Coin
Coin Positive

The finished die struck coin is highly detailed and crisp and superior to die cast coins. Finishes come in many styles here we show an antiqued bronze finish.

Also available are Gold and Nickel plating finishes that can vary the look greatly Enamels in soft and imitation hard enamel can be added and even clear coating and epoxy can be used.

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